When I was a little girl in 5th grade, my parents took me to Disney World.  Dad had a business conference in Orlando and families were invited as well. One evening was dedicated to a corporate dinner, an event that the children were not permitted to attend.  In lieu of the fancy dinner, the children were treated to their own evening of entertainment.   I remember the large conference sized room in the hotel.  It was filled with tons of activities for us. Games mostly, but some other cool opportunities as well.  One of these was a guy who [...]

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The Importance of Vulnerability

There’s a saying that growth happens outside of our comfort zone.  My favorite representation of this is the chalk drawing in the photo above.  The place where we feel vulnerable, fearful, apprehensive, that’s where the magic happens.  That’s where we need to be to grow our spiritual businesses.   Except, sometimes we like to curl up in our comfort zone.  It’s safe there. It’s warm and snuggly, a cocoon of familiarity that embraces us and fills us with the comfort of routine.  Even spiritual entrepreneurs sometimes slide back into our comfort zone, especially when just starting out. The effort and [...]

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Pirates in Your Inner Circle

Think about the people in your inner circle. Who are they?  No, not the people who are physically in your 3D life inner circle, the people that you put into the inner circle of your mind.  This is the tribe you have created for yourself. Let’s do an energy check on the members. Sometimes, it’s filled with the people who vibrate on your energy level and sometimes you put people in there who don’t match your vibration level at all. Let’s start with family.  If you’re one of the lucky ones who is an energy match with your family [...]

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Gold Buddah Statue Story

MUD!  I spent all day outside in the mud helping my husband repair a broken well line so we could restore water flow to our house. With muck boots and the right mindset, I found myself deep in muddy red clay for hours.  It was not how I intended to spend my day but it was my day nonetheless. Life happens. Curveballs. You can either deal with the mud knowing it is only temporary or you can get stuck in the muck because you convince yourself there’s no way out.   This reminded me of one of my favorite stories [...]

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A Puppy’s First Bath

My husband and I woke up at 1:30am to the sound of our German Shepherd barking.  Then the stench hit us. There was no mistaking it. He had diarrhea. The smell was so intense that we both scrambled out of bed to survey the damage.  Our shepherd must have been spinning as he pooped because what we found can only be described as some kind of sacred geometric architectural conjuring of Stonehenge.  I quickly covered it with paper towels, got him outside (all while trying not to gag), and we began the clean up. Once cleaned, we let the [...]

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Finding your Heart Voice

Do you follow your heart or your head?  Generations of instruction has told us to ignore our hearts and listen to our brains.  It’s simply logic over emotion every time. Except, it’s not that simple. People were conditioned to listen to logic and stifle their emotions in order to conform to societal standards and fit the industrialized blueprint for employment.  Over centuries, we have effectively numbed our instincts and replaced them with societal expectations. We have silenced our heart voice and embraced conformity. We have the ability to choose how we respond to any given situation and our decisions [...]

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