My name is GoldenHawk in the metaphysical community and I have been teaching for 25 years plus. It has been my great honor to be able to work with Sandi Laratonda and her great beautiful gift with her healing infused chakra paintings. Having had several Rare Earth magnet Aura photos done of myself and being able to see my own aura I was able to actually really experience the color she brought out. I had a great understanding of the symbolism as it moved and it was an extremely releasing and healing. We were only able to do a 30 minute session but it was marvelous and she was able to move through the chakra levels and my information field at an advanced rate and she was very non-intrusive. Masterful in the movement and gentle like music. I intend on moving through chakra by chakra when we have the time to do this. I recommend her to anyone who wants to experience and know more of themselves as they move through a healing process. This is probably one of the highest levels of this particular gift I have ever seen.  

Neferkah, GoldenHawk, Washington State, Chakra Painting

Sandi’s ability to hone in on my life is mind blowing!  She has helped me via Reiki, Chakra Alignment, and positive energy work while also utilizing crystal therapy.  Her professionalism and empathy along with a “you can do it” attitude has helped me move through stress, fear, and sadness, even when the road gets rough.  Those are the hurdles that we encounter and need to work through in order to move forward. Sandi is there to be a wonderful guide. I’m truly grateful. 

Mendy S., Pennsylvania, Grounding, Chakra Work and Energy Reading

I had a short reiki session with Sandi and it was awesome!  This was my first reiki experience and I felt great afterwards.  I had negative energies cleared and I could feel an immediate shift in my mood.  When I was done with the session my energy was high, I felt very positive and it turned my day around. I felt crisp, back to keel, like I was on an oxygen bar.  During the treatment I felt it behind my eyes, like a stimulant. I felt it in my fingertips too. It was a great gift.

Eric H., Pennsylvania, Reiki